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From: Jim Tierney <>
Subject: Beauty Box 2.0 Public Beta
Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 08:18:08 -0700
To: 'After Effects Mail List' <>

If anyone is interested in the public beta of Beauty Box Video 2.0 (our skin retouching plugin), you can download it here:




Http:// (FCP 7/X)


Http://  (After Effects/Premiere)





Http:// (After Effects/Premiere)



Here's a temporary serial number:


Name: Beta


Beauty Box (AE/Mac) Serial Number: A0075B357E9B908BD787A359-535F


The new features and basics of Beauty Box 2.0 are explained in this video:


Tutorials for Premiere/FCP will be coming soon. But basically the big new features are further speed increases (we're as fast as anything out there), shine removal, which eliminates hot spots caused by bright lights, and FCP X support. And you still get the high quality that has won Beauty Box so many awards and accolades.


Please report any problems to






Jim Tierney


Digital Anarchy


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