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Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 21:11:15 +0000
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Be interesting to see if you get a response. The awesome Todd was the last Adobe person ever to officially comment on this. It’s shocking really that it will soon be 5 years without this. GPU accelerated curves effect is not exactly the same thing as full-out multi-processing.

My own speculation is the last time they did a full code rewrite and announced it was the 32-bit to 64-bit. So there was long period of no new features. That was pre-CC. In the market, I would be pleasantly shocked to see them actually do that because announcing full multi-threading support in 2018/19/20 would be embarrassing not exciting as it was in when it first arrived.


My guess is the engineers would love to do it but Adobe business is “no way in hell” as AE needs new features each release cycle. Adobe’s business model is great for sales, terrible for new architecture. Other software companies are creating the same problem. You see less and less substantial changes and overhauls in development due to subscriptions, annual releases etc.




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Subject: [AE] Uservoice feedback website - Top post - Full Program. Mutli-Threaded Support


Hey guys,


I know this seems to come up at least once a year, and normally whenever there are larger updates, but I wanted to see if maybe we could get any progress reports or statements. 


So I went over to the Adobe Uservoice website and voted on some feature requests and ideas a while back. One post that consistently gets comments and votes and is currently the top feature request on there is for full program multiple-thread support. A lot of people want to see the app use all of their hardware as it used to do back in 2014 days. 



Even though I understand that same style of multiprocessing would probably not be as feasible as previously because of the new code architecture used, etc, I feel like this has been such a hot button issue for users and Adobe has remained relatively silent on it.


I wish we could get some form of official response from Adobe After Effects team on this. If it can't be done anymore or isn't being looked into anymore, it would be nice if we could at least be informed of this so people can stop pleading for it.  They should definitely close the topic over there on the uservoice forums with official response if it's not going to progress in that direction. Don't give people hope if it isn't in the cards. 


I don't mean to be someone to single anyone out on here, and I'm not trying to start any heated discussions or arguments, but is there any chance someone from the AE team could chime in on this in a more official capacity?  Victoria, could you comment on this? 




On Wed, Oct 17, 2018, 9:26 AM Mathias Möhl <> wrote:

Hi everyone,


I am looking for some beta testers for the upcoming V6 of MochaImport+.

It adds full compatibility with the mocha plugin version of CC2019 and also adds some exciting new features.


If you want to join the beta, please send me an email to




simplify your cgi

Dr. Mathias Möhl
Marlow 52 , 18551 Sagard, Germany
Phone +49 (0)38302 - 88 75 61


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