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From: David Torno <>
Subject: Re: [AE] PC->Mac Video Format Option
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 10:23:05 -0700
To: After Effects Mail List <>
I always deal with image sequences from now on since moving to PC.

Video formats that work between PC and Mac have dwindled and are getting worse it seems. Especially in quality delivery formats.

My workflow is that any video references (especially with audio) must be in MP4 or H264 format coming from MAC user. I use DJV for viewing all video and img sequences (no audio) and VLC for audio videos.

Outputs for me from PC back to MAC user have been image sequences for delivery. Depending on work involved and outputs needed, I do JPG/PNG for reference, tiff, EXR, or DPX for delivery. H264 for video references with audio, but I rarely have a need for audio with most VFX audio I do.

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On Oct 21, 2018, at 4:07 AM, Anders Sundstedt <> wrote:


I work entirely on PC.

If I received QuickTime ProRes 4444 mov files, since Adobe Media Encoder does not export to ProRes 4444 at least not in Windows/PC, what is a format of equal quality and smaller that uncompressed, that (any) Mac person/editor would be able to accept as a delivery format?

I tried for example GoPro CineForm but doesn't open in QuickTime on their Mac.

I asked them what they can accept but in the meantime, if you are a Mac editor what would be acceptable?

(uncompressed MOV QuickTime are huge so not good)



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