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  Doug Snyder __ 2248 07-Oct-12
  Peter Nodiff __ 3670 29-Oct-12
  Gregory Ikens __ 2349 09-Apr-13
  Robert ListMail __ 4077 12-Apr-13
  Robert ListMail __ 1814 12-Apr-13
  Philip Luckey __ 2807 12-Apr-13
  John Marshall __ 2007 28-Feb-15
  David Parsons __ 38K 27-Apr-15
  Taylor Collins Fwd: 1695 10-Feb-13
  Ronnie Day "New" Laptop follow-up 3454 17-Aug-13
  Robert Coblentz "One Night in March" next Monday night .. 6553 30-Jun-15
  Robert Coblentz "One Night in March" screening Toronto .. 5437 03-Sep-13
  Doug Blush Re: "One Night in March" screening Toro.. 2789 04-Sep-13
  Carey Dissmore "Raise a Glass" with Maxon at the MMB (.. 8275 22-Mar-13
  Piers Goodhew "Soft launch" of basic grading attempt .. 2998 09-Sep-12
  PRO TOOLS USER "Unexpectedly quit" on exiting Premiere.. 1924 04-Mar-14
  Doug Snyder "Want the most reliable Windows PC? Buy.. 1363 25-Apr-13
  STEVE GRIFFITHS 'Splice' web site 6199 10-Jul-13
  Douglas Blush Re: 'Splice' web site 6304 13-Jul-13
  Daniel Monro 'Tis the Season 1438 09-Apr-16
  Carey Dissmore (Belated) Happy Birthday Don Dulmage 2220 07-Aug-15
  Kevin Summers (OT) Student equipment check out softwa.. 9224 27-Mar-15
  Eric Darling | eThree Media (Self-Interest Alert) New Demo Reel 1921 07-Sep-13
  Piers Goodhew *Another* serious WIndows Q: get versio.. 3860 01-Aug-16
  Peter Hansen .avi file issues 2724 23-Oct-14
  Steve Kahn .MTS Headscratcher 4972 23-Sep-15
  Sorel,Tim .mxf exports 3585 22-May-15
  Dan Spiess Fwd: .PPTX conversion to movie with aud.. 4960 08-Oct-13
  Dan Spiess 1,000 tb's on a DVD? 1103 20-Jun-13
  Steve Oakley 10.9.4 + CC 2014 1439 01-Jul-14
  Adam Read 128gb card for AF101 4386 13-Dec-16
  Evan Fotis 12bit DNG LOG colour space 3971 24-Jul-15
  Carey Dissmore 15 in. Retina MBP available 2840 05-Mar-14
  2020_Comm 16" record transfer to digital 3082 10-Jan-16
  Steve Kahn 16mm film restoration 93K 23-May-13
  Houston Wells 16mm film to video transfer 4204 28-Oct-17
  mike foster 1992 stock footage 7467 11-Oct-12
  Darren 2 man crew in Ottawa 96K 13-Aug-14
  Adam Read 2 NVIDEA cards in one Mac Pro 3342 03-Jun-15
  Piers Goodhew 2 serious questions 4080 31-May-13
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